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Photo Booth Wireless Setup is become more and more important when your photo booth rental business is growing, as you will meet some place that doesn’t not have power supply.

So in this post, I will have some essential you need for Wireless setup for Photo Booth, and some of them, you can buy from us

Photo Booth Wireless Setup


  • 40W Ulanzi LED Light: This versatile light is highly rated by David, and he uses four of them. It’s bright, adjustable, and can be mounted on an arm with a quick release plate for easy setup and takedown.

photo booth wireless setup big lighting

  • U200 LED Light: A good alternative to the 40W Ulanzi, but David recommends using quick release plates with it for easier setup.

Essential Photo Booth Must Haves 01

  • RGB Light Sticks: These are good for adding atmosphere and can be mounted on tripods.

Essential Photo Booth Must Haves 03

  • Laser Light: Creates cool effects, especially when combined with fog. Use caution and avoid pointing it directly at your camera lens.
  • Strobe Light/Laser Light/RGB Light/Disco Light: This all-in-one option is a powerful and versatile choice.

Power Banks:

Essential Photo Booth Must Haves 02

  • Small Magnetic Power Bank: Sticks to the back of your 360 booth arm to power your phone throughout the event.
  • 24V Power Bank: Powers a 24V 360 booth for several hours.
  • Talon Cell: A versatile power bank that can power signs, lights, and even iPads. It comes in 12V and 24V options.
  • Anchor Power Bank: A powerful option that can run multiple booths and lights for over an hour.

Other Equipment:

  • Quick Release Plates: These plates allow you to quickly and easily attach and detach lights and other equipment from your setup.
  • 360 Vibe Sign: Adds a unique touch to your booth.

Wireless LED Vogue Photo Booth:

IMG 4841

While not explicitly mentioned in the video, a wireless LED Vogue Photo Booth would be a great addition to any photo booth setup. These booths are self-contained and easy to set up, making them ideal for events where space is limited or where you need a portable option. They often come with built-in lighting and props, and some even offer features like social media sharing.


David emphasizes the importance of good lighting and having enough power to keep your booth running throughout the event. He also recommends using quick release plates for faster setup and breakdown. By following these tips and using the equipment he suggests, you can create a professional and visually appealing photo booth experience for your guests.

Additional Notes:

  • David provides links to the products he mentions in the video description below.
  • He encourages viewers to subscribe for future videos where he will discuss the pros and cons of different photo booths and how much money they can make.

I hope this summary is helpful!